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So Many Martial Arts, So Which One To Choose?

KMA’s Mixed Martial Arts system incorporates a combination of techniques and principles from a variety of styles including Hapkido, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kali, Wing Chung and weaponry. Hapkido is known as “The way of coordinated power.” It is the ancient art of masters and is regarded by many as a complete self defence system. Master Fari has taken this system to a whole new level developing Hapkido Combatives™

Our Hapkido Combatives™ self-defence program covers pressure points, joint locks, sweeps & throws, low and high kicks combining kickboxing & grappling sets. It also covers kickboxing drills/training and essential ground fighting submission techniques.

While we wish it was not even a factor in our program, the fact remains that we live in a dangerous world. Our Mixed Martial Arts program will teach you how to protect yourself, your family and loved ones from danger.

As with all our classes, the benefits are far more than just learning self defense:

  • Develop physical & mental benefits to help you in all areas of your life.
  • Gain strength, endurance, flexibility and rapid reflexes
  • Improve your cardiovascular Fitness
  • Get the body you always wanted with weight loss and improved muscle tone
  • Develop more self confidence & self discipline
  • Eliminate stress and increase your levels of relaxation for a longer, healthier life
  • Complete peace of mind, knowing you’re able to protect yourself & your family


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Each class is built around dynamic energy to get you energised and motivated to bring out your best. Everyone can (and should) earn a black belt, our classes are suitable for men and women. 

With private one-on-one personalised training is affiliated to Korea Hapkido International and we will help you get your Black Belt in 3-4 years.

Beginner & Trial Classes: Monday to Friday at 6:30pm plus Saturday's 9:30am

In addition we have 7:30 am sessions for boxing / kickboxing Tuesday's & Friday's

At the end of the class we will cover special offers and pricing options

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Street parking or 2 minutes from public car parks;

Liverpool Plaza, Library car park, Northumberland St car park, Speed St Car park, Liverpool railway station car park, Free parking also next to DeRoost, Westfield carpark 4 minutes away

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