Brazilian Jiujitsu Combatives & Pro MMA™ - KMA Liverpool's Ultimate Fighter Training

Learn Brazilian Jiujitsu with Master Fari ; Wrestling & MMA with a team of former UFC, current Oz MMA & World Champions all in unrivaled facilities!

Brazilian Jiujitsu is an art designed to help a smaller person use the force and energy of their stronger opponent against them. The philosophy is simple: If attacked, defend, get into a dominant position and get a submission (a joint lock or a choke)... as quickly as possible!

KMA™ is the longest established Brazilian Jiujitsu school in Liverpool. With a teaching history that started in 1996. BJJ Combatives form an integral part of our Pro MMA™ system.

We have expert instructors who are Black Belts in Brazilian Jiujitsu Combatives with decades of experience and we are proud to have national & international affiliations providing an amazing source of knowledge & worldwide training opportunities.

So whether you want to learn effective self-defence for personal safety, for tournaments, for MMA™ or simply as a new and exciting way to stay fit & healthy, we’ll train you to effectively neutralise kicks and punches. Teaching you submissions, be it standing or on the ground to overcome your opponent. 


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KMA™ is the Only School Offering Brazilian Jiujitsu as
Self Defence AND as Tournament Training!

While other Brazilian Jiujitsu schools are purely tournament orientated, our classes are designed to be effective anywhere, anytime. Be in a tournament or self defence. KMA™ offers both!

There are many schools that promote rank based on tournament participation, at KMA™ we understand that sport belt holders are comfortable in sport jiujitsu matches and controlled sparring sessions. However when confronted by a larger and more athletic opponent who doesn’t play by the rules, it’s a different story.

Our experience has shown that when confronted by an unpredictable, violent attack in a real-life situation, they are shaken and unable to respond effectively, as their training did not prepare them.

Personal self defense is our goal and we use that alone to measure proficiency in our system.

We offer:

  • Beginner and intermediate/advanced classes
  • BJJ4Kids and,
  • Private one-on-one training

Beginner & Trial Classes: Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30pm plus Wednesday's & Saturday's 9:30am

Open belt sessions Tuesday's & Thursday's 7:30pm-8:30pm

Free Offer: Wrestling, No Gi & MMA . Book your intro class and find out how to get these classes

Absolutely FREE

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Pro MMA™

Train like an "Ultimate Fighter" & develop the "Ultimate You"

KMA™ was the first to introduce MMA™ to the area and Master Fari is Liverpool's (& Sydney's) only MMA™ Certified trainer. KMA™ has become home of the hugely successful KMA™ Top Team MMA™ Fighters & Mat Monsters BJJ Comp Team.

Mixed Martial Arts - Pro MMA™ This is one of our most exciting adults only program incorporating the latest training methods & fighting systems. Our international network includes: Brian Ebersole, Ricardo Liborio, American Top Team, John Will / Machado, Pedro Sauer, Benny "The Jet", BJJ Australasia, Tiger Muay Thai, MMA Australia, MMA International, Frank Shamrock & Matt Hughes (sponsored by Century).

It is no surprise many believe KMA™ to be the most well connected MMA school in the country.

Free MMA sessions for all
Adult Brazilian Jiujitsu Students*

*conditions apply


KMA’S Martin Nguyen vs. Kazunori Yokota full fight & walkout.

Martin Nguyen, Australian/Vietnamese MMA inspiring walk out and a great win over Japan's Yokota. Watched by over 1 billion TV audience and over 1.6 million (and climbing) views of fight highlights on the One Fc Facebook page.

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Easy Access in Liverpool City
Level 2, 227-229 George Street
Phone: 9824 1003

Street parking or 2 minutes from public car parks;

Liverpool Plaza, Library car park, Northumberland St car park, Speed St Car park, Liverpool railway station car park, Free parking also next to DeRoost, Westfield carpark 4 minutes away

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