Jet Thai Kickboxing (Lean & Fit™ + Fight Training)

Jet Thai Kickboxing (Lean & Fit™ + Fight Training)

Complete Thai kickboxing fight training & conditioning giving you the ultimate body workout or the ultimate fight strategies.

  • Lean & Fit Thai Kickboxing fight workouts
  • “Pro” Thai Kickboxing – Fight club
  • One On One – Private training

The variety to keep you motivated, to keep you training and living a lifestyle that is healthy & motivating.

You can kick or punch thin air… or come into our full time fully equipped school and have all you need provided for. Bags, freestanding wave masters & pads. Sharpen up your skills developing power & focus in every strike.

When you’re done, we have full change room & shower facilities!

KMA is proudly associated with and teaching Master Toddy’s Muay Thai system.