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Train with Master Fari & Overcome Any Obstacles Life Throws at You!

KMA™ teaches life skills and non-violent solutions to conflict as well as physical self defence. So, what are you waiting for?

For less than $4 per lesson you’ll get a FREE uniform and:

  • Training at Australia's best and largest martial arts school of its kind
  • Tailored classes perfectly suited to meet individual abilities and goals
  • Over 58 classes per week to choose from, Monday through to Saturdays
  • A choice of martial arts programs, including Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Cage Fitness, Muay Thai and MORE
  • Private or group fitness lessons to suit you
  • State of the art facilities which includes showers, change rooms, air-conditioned MMA arena, UFC bags and throwing dummies, 20 freestanding bags, viewing area, martial arts supplies & so much more.
teen martial arts classes

Set Your Kids Up For Life! This is the best age to get started..

  • KMA is renowned for its educational kids program with themes of respect, focus, concentration, discipline and real life scenarios
  • Your Child will learn the ABC's of self defence and more importantly, the ABC's of Life - Attitude, Behaviour and Character
  • KMA™ teaches non-violent solutions to conflict as well as physical self defence techniques
  • The unique achievement programs will help your child unleash within themselves a powerful, unstoppable drive to lifelong success
  • Your kids not only receive expert instruction, they also have in Master Fari; a mentor, role model & life coach that is present in each and every class!

"Big shout out to the cage/Kickboxing class coach Adam who inspires you every session. I started out in his cage class and never stopped KMA is so supportive and encouraging especially to the gals wanting to get into kickboxing just starting out"

~Ella Phillips

Prepare Your Child For The Future

It’s a big, scary world out there and the sooner you enrol your child at KMA, the quicker they learn how to handle themselves with confidence and respect. With Master Fari’s patented Childrens Black Belt Success Systems ™ your child will learn:

  • Life Skills: Confidence - discipline
  • Listening: Respect - Focus
  • Safety skills: Stranger Danger - Personal Safety - Fire Safety - Drug Awareness
  • Martial Arts Skills: Coordination - Balance - Control - Agility - Flexibility

Plus, your child will also be guided through a highly valued Bully Buster Kids Program™

  • Created by Dr Terrence Webster Doyle, an educator, author and black belt with over 40 years of experience in Martial Arts Safety Awareness Fitness Education
  • Focusing on verbal/mental techniques
  • Children will learn the mental skills to avoid conflict and stop it before it occurs
  • How to manage a situation effectively to secure their own and others safety
  • Non Striking Solutions™ - A zero tolerance & violent free System developed by Master Fari

Mastering these fundamentals will enable them to achieve their fullest potential and fulfill their dreams, goals and desires.

teen martial arts classes

"Went here for my first time tonight ive had a few friends fight in the cage and come here randomly and i have to say it lives upto the expectations i had a brilliant work out & master fari is one of the nicest people i have met and very helpful i thought id feel awekward coming in alone but no one judges you & if you need help they will help you out . 10/10keen to continue."

~Amy Noy

It’s The Start of a New Academic Year & KMA Martial Arts Can Help Improve Your Child’s Grades

Our unique children’s program offers a lot more than just self-defence and physical agility. Our educational martial arts program will give your child:

  • Self discipline and focus on and off the mats. They’ll be encouraged to apply these skills to their study, leading to increased concentration at school and better grades
  • Increased strength & fitness in mind & body for whole-child wellness
  • Conquering of self-doubt and fear to build confidence and self-respect

"I've been training @ KMA for 3 years & love the place. It's my home away from home & the place where I have been able to reach a long held dream. The Hapkido black belt. there are no egos or attitudes just like minded people who train hard & love life."

~Greg Kitchen

Obligation Free Offer You Won’t Want To Miss

This is an obligation free offer with no pressure on you to continue past the 2 weeks. It’s easy to get started and for only $29.95 you’ll get to experience the thrill of learning something new and exciting. Plus if you’re not 100% satisfied after training in our program, we’ll give you your money back AND you can keep the uniform...GUARANTEED

teen martial arts classes

"KMA is my home away from home! They are my family and I would not go anywhere else.I love the facilities, the teachers and the classes but most of all I love the people... They make the amazing atmosphere."

~Mark Perry

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you’re not 100% satisfied after training in our program for 2 full weeks, we’ll give you your money back AND you can keep the uniform!


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